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The 2014 ETFO Central Agreements set out provisions for a new ETFO Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) Benefits Plan for Teachers/Occasional Teachers and DECEs/ESPs/PSPs. Click here for an overview of the plan, and to link to the dedicated ELHT website. If you require assistance or have specific questions relating to your Extended Health, Dental, or Life Insurance coverage, or the status of claims, you can contact OTIP Benefit Services directly at 1-866-783-6847.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario is the policyholder for its members’ LTD plan. OTIP is the recognized administrator for the plan and the insurance carrier is Manulife.

Effective November 1, 2013, our LTD plan is mandatory for members commencing employment. Premiums for the plan are taken through payroll deduction and will commence with your first paycheque of the school year.  Currently, premiums are 1.605% of your salary.

Our LTD plan design is:

Policy Number:                  50188
Division:                              901
Waiting Period:                  110 working days, or expiration of sick leave
Benefit Level:                     50% of monthly earnings
COLA:                                  CPI to a maximum of 2%, starting after two years
Termination:                      Earliest of age 65 or the date the member is first                                                       entitled to at least a 60% unreduced service pension                                                 (30 credit years)

ETFO Member’s Guide to Long Term Disability – Updated March 2018

This booklet consists of generic advice for members regarding the long term disability process.

Follow this link to the document ~ A Member’s Guide to Long Term Disability

Frequently Asked Questions about LTD

Follow this link to the document ~ LTD FAQ

Additional programs available through our LTD policy include:

  • LifeWorks ~ Up to 12 hours of face-to-face confidential counselling per year. Call (EN: 1-800-668-0193/FR: 1-800-361-9669).  

  • CAREpath ~ Your Cancer Assistance Program. Helping you navigate the complex heath care system so you and your family members who are newly-diagnosed with cancer or have a cancer recurrence can receive the very best cancer-related treatment and support.

  • Feeling Better Now ~ a Web-based mental health care program designed to assist in the prevention, early diagnosis and ongoing management of common emotional and mental health issues

If you have questions relating to Long Term Disability and the additional programs offered through LTD, or generic questions about the ELHT Provincial Benefit Plan, please contact Nancy D’Aurora at the Federation office, (519) 753-9321, or via email to 


Unfortunately, sometimes injuries do occur at work that may result in lost time.  The ETFO – A Member’s Guide to WSIB has valuable information that will guide you through the process.

As always, please call Nancy D’Aurora at the GEETF office, if you need assistance.