From the President

From the President

Welcome to the Grand Erie Elementary Teachers’ webpage. It’s my privilege to serve as President of the Local.  

It’s a honour to hold this position, to assist members and to advocate for improvements to Public Education. It’s unfortunate that our members, who offer one of the most critical of public services, are often under-resourced, under-supported by the provincial government, and are criticized even when doing their very best to ensure that Ontario’s Public Education system remains one of the best in the world, despite the ongoing challenges. 

For members visiting our website, please know that I appreciate everything you do. I know you go above and beyond every day and do not receive the recognition, adequate supports or appreciation you deserve from government. Please call on your Local whenever you require professional assistance. 

For members of the public visiting our site, thank you for taking the time to explore the GEETF and the work that teachers do for students, and ultimately for our society. 

In Solidarity, 

Carolyn Proulx-Wootton
Grand Erie Elementary Teachers’ Federation

President's Newsletters

Your GEETF President,  Carolyn Proulx-Wootton. You can reach Carolyn by telephone at the GEETF office or via email at