Our Team

Released Officers

Shawn Martin


• Official Spokesperson of the Local
• Administrator of Local Federation business
• Professional Relations Services
• College of Teachers/CAS
• Disciplinary Meetings 
• Performance Appraisals (TPAs)  
• Political Action 
• Public Relations
• Collective Bargaining 
• Union Steward Training
• Ex-Officio Member of all committees
• Health and Safety

Full time release position

Nancy D'Aurora

First Vice President

• Collective Agreement Issues
• Staffing
• Member Leaves of Absence
• Sick Leave/Medical Leave
• Long Term Disability 
• Return to Work/Accommodations
• Pregnancy/Parental Leave
• Chief Negotiator and Collective Bargaining 

• Grievances


Full time release position

Carolyn Proulx-Wootton

Second Vice President

• GEETF Treasurer 
• Budget Preparation
• Retirement issues
• Committee Support 
• ETFO Annual Meeting/Resolutions Committee Chair/Delegate 

• Member of Collective Bargaining Committee


0.5 release position (days 1, 3, alternate 5)

Executive Assistant

Jeannette Dodds

Executuve Assistant

• Executive Assistant to the GEETF Office
• Arrange member release for Federation business
• Prepare expense forms and record financial transactions 
• Support the work of all GEETF committees
• Assist in facilitating committee events 


• Booking, administration and registration for Professional Development workshops and committee meetings                                                     • GEETF website management 
• Administration of the Professional Development Conference Fund
• Goodwill

Full Time, non-union position

Our Executive

Executive At Large

Heather Chwastiak
Lyndsay Houghtling
Cory Judson                            Michaela Kargus  

Hayley Lapierre                                     Jennifer McColl                                 Jacqueline McEwen                                Teresa Rothwell

Shawn Martin, GEETF 

First Vice President
Nancy D’Aurora, GEETF

Second Vice President
Carolyn Proulx-Wootton,                  GEETF (days 1, 3, alternate 5)          School – (days 2, 4 alternate 5)

Kendra Kovach

Health and Safety Officer
Jennifer Orr    


Heather Chwastiak and Carolyn Proulx-Wootton

Indigenous Partnership
Connie Hill and Joseph Tice

First Five Years Teachers’
Lyndsay Houghtling

Awards & Recognition/Banquet
Jeannette Dodds

Collective Bargaining Committee
Nancy D’Aurora

Health & Safety
Jennifer Orr

Political Action/Public Relations
Michaela Kargus

Professional Development
Kendra Kovach

Social Justice
Anh Hoang

Status of Women
Jaqueline McEwen

Union Steward Liaison
Shawn Martin

Members of the Collective Bargaining Committee:
Lori Burroughs Miller, Cory Judson, Michaela Kargus, Kendra Kovach, Jennifer Orr, Carolyn Proulx-Wootton, and Teresa Rothwell

Ad Hoc FSL
Shawn Martin

Ad Hoc Labour Organizing
Carolyn Proulx-Wootton and Michaela Kargus

Ad Hoc On-Site Childcare
Carolyn Proulx-Wootton

Ad Hoc Social
Hayley Lapierre

Ad Hoc Special Education
Jennifer McColl