Our Team

Released Officers

Shawn Martin


• Official Spokesperson of the Local
• Administrator of Local Federation business
• Professional Relations Services
• College of Teachers/CAS
• Disciplinary Meetings 
• Performance Appraisals (TPAs)  
• Political Action 
• Public Relations
• Collective Bargaining 
• Union Steward Training
• Ex-Officio Member of all committees
• Health and Safety

Full time release position

Nancy D'Aurora

First Vice President

• Collective Agreement Issues
• Staffing
• Member Leaves of Absence
• Sick Leave/Medical Leave
• Long Term Disability 
• Return to Work/Accommodations
• Pregnancy/Parental Leave
• Chief Negotiator and Collective Bargaining 

• Grievances


Full time release position

Carolyn Proulx-Wootton

Second Vice President

• GEETF Treasurer 
• Budget Preparation
• Retirement issues
• Committee Support 
• ETFO Annual Meeting/Resolutions Committee Chair/Delegate 

• Member of Collective Bargaining Committee


0.5 release position (days 2, 4, alternate 5)

Executive Assistant

Jeannette Dodds

Executuve Assistant

• Executive Assistant to the GEETF Office
• Arrange member release for Federation business
• Prepare expense forms and record financial transactions 
• Support the work of all GEETF committees
• Assist in facilitating committee events 


• Booking, administration and registration for Professional Development workshops and committee meetings                                                     • GEETF website management 
• Administration of the Professional Development Conference Fund
• Goodwill

Full Time, non-union position

Our Executive

Executive At Large

Heather Chwastiak, Elgin Avenue
Lyndsay Houghtling, Russell Reid
Cory Judson, Grandview          Michaela Kargus, Russell Reid   

Hayley Lapierre, Walsh                        Jennifer McColl, Lansdowne-Costain  Jacqueline McEwen, Ecole Confederation    Teresa Rothwell, J. L. Mitchener (VLA)

Shawn Martin, GEETF 

First Vice President
Nancy D’Aurora, GEETF

Second Vice President
Carolyn Proulx-Wootton,                  GEETF (days 2, 4, alternate 5)         Oneida (VLA) – (days 1, 3 alternate 5)

Kendra Kovach, Prince Charles

Health and Safety Officer
Jennifer Orr, Seneca Central    


Heather Chwastiak and Carolyn Proulx-Wootton

Indigenous Partnership
Connie Hill and Joseph Tice

First Five Years Teachers’
Lyndsay Houghtling

Awards & Recognition/Banquet
Jeannette Dodds

Collective Bargaining Committee
Nancy D’Aurora

Health & Safety
Jennifer Orr

Political Action/Public Relations
Michaela Kargus

Professional Development
Kendra Kovach

Social Justice
Anh Hoang

Status of Women
Jaqueline McEwen

Union Steward Liaison
Shawn Martin

Members of the Collective Bargaining Committee:
Lori Burroughs Miller, Cory Judson, Michaela Kargus, Kendra Kovach, Jennifer Orr, Carolyn Proulx-Wootton, and Teresa Rothwell

Ad Hoc FSL
Shawn Martin

Ad Hoc Labour Organizing
Carolyn Proulx-Wootton and Michaela Kargus

Ad Hoc On-Site Childcare
Carolyn Proulx-Wootton

Ad Hoc Social
Hayley Lapierre

Ad Hoc Special Education
Jennifer McColl