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GEETF Committees

GEETF always encourages our members to join and support our Local’s committees. If any of the committees’ activities or initiatives below interest you, please contact the GEETF office. We will gladly invite you to an upcoming committee meeting. Here you can have input on your Local’s events, participate in discussions and assist in the organization of upcoming events. 

      Ad Hoc Committees



      Standing Committees 


What we do:  The Arts Committee is a new standing committee of our local.  This committee plans multiple arts activities for our membership throughout the school year.  These activities include:  sharing nights, ukulele playing group, a trip to a Mirvish theatre show and learn how to play ukulele workshops

        First Five Years

What we do:  The First Five Years Committee’s goal is to provide and investigate opportunities for networking, professional development, sharing and professional growth for teachers in the first five years. The committee also endeavours to foster an awareness of opportunities with our Local and ETFO.

Indigenous Partnership

To offer opportunities for GEETF members to learn about Indigenous perspectives, histories and cultures. To promote professional and personal growth in understanding of Indigenous perspectives and Indigenous education. And to support the development of confidence in teaching about Indigenous perspectives.

Political Action ~ Public Relations

What we do:  The Political Action ~ Public Relations Committee engages members in items, issues and actions related to political activity and public relations. The committee also makes members aware of social justice issues in order to foster a broad-based response at the local and provincial levels.

A few examples of events that the Political Action ~ Public Relations Committee plans, promotes and/or supports are:  Labour Day Parade, Membership at the Brantford District Labour Council, Annual GEDSB Trustee Dinner, election awareness campaigns, design/distribution of GEETF promotional items, Education Week events.

Professional Development

What we do:  The Professional Development Committee is committed to investigating the PD needs of GEETF members and plan appropriate programs. The committee also explores opportunities for joint Professional Development/Learning Ventures with the Grand Erie District School Board.

A few examples of workshops/events that the PD Committee have facilitated are:  Crayola workshops, Music and Art workshops, Resume Writing and Interview Skills workshops, various ETFO funded workshops that include release time for our members to attend.

Social Justice

What we do:  The Social Justice Committee works to inform and educate members of the GEETF about issues related to social justice and to address equity issues. The committee also works in conjunction with other community groups to promote the cause of social justice and equity.

A few examples of events that the Social Justice Committee plans, promotes and/or supports are:  Social Justice Book Club, Earth Day Funding Initiative, Boys’ Conference, Brantford Pride, Harvest Noon and Labour Cares

Status of Women

What we do:  The Status of Women Committee is an integral part of GEETF’s commitment to social justice and equity. We act locally, to promote healthy equal relationships, the betterment of women and/or to address gender issues. Our Committee helps girls: build resiliency skills, develop positive self-concept, understand healthy relationships, build self-confidence, or learn a new life skill.

Some of the events that the Status of Women Committee plans, promotes and/or supports are:  Talent Night, Women’s Wellness Weekends, Grade Eight Girls’ Trip, Boys’ Conference, Brantford Basketeer Program, Pregnancy and Parental Leave Workshop, Woman targeted workshops, International Women’s Day Events, support for extra-curricular activities for girls and Donations to agencies within our community supporting women in need/crisis






Indigenous Partnership

Sabrina Sawyer

First Five Years

Jacquie McEwen/Larissa Schmitz

Awards & Recognition/Banquet

Jeannette Dodds

Collective Bargaining Committee

Nancy D'Aurora

Health & Safety

Jennifer Orr

Public Relations/Political Action

Cory Judson

Professional Development

Kendra Kovach

Social Justice

Anh Hoang

Status of Women

Kataisha McQueen/Ellen Banbury 

Union Steward Liaison

Shawn Martin

Members of the Collective Bargaining Committee - Committee is disbanded at this time